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James D. Huffman
Attorney at Law


James D. Huffman
Circuit Court Judge
May 19, 2020
Columbia County, Oregon

Why the Fight for Fairness and Justice is So Important

My philosophy of justice and the law has been shaped by my education and experiences in the courtroom both as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer, and honed over many years of practice.

Neither of my opponents in this race has my depth of experience, my proven understanding of the law as shown by my long experience and numerous wins in state and federal courts, or my record of compassion and understanding of the needs of the people of this county. There is literally no one in the justice system in this county with the record of public service and pro bono work that I have accomplished. And there is no other attorney in this county willing to take on the status quo when needed as I have done.

It has been my observation that with the influx of out-of-county legal practitioners, the quality of justice in Columbia County and the concern for the rights and needs of Columbia County citizens has declined.

It is my intention as Circuit Court Judge to bring back faith in the fairness and professionalism of the local court system, so that all of our citizens will be treated fairly and with justice under the law.